Single stage controller for temperature - ID 971

Description :  Single stage controller for temperature - ID 971

The ID 971 controllers are devices suitable for applications on normal or low temperature refrigerating units. They are provided with two PTC thermostatic probe inputs (NTC can be selected by parameter) and two relay outputs for compressor and defrost management. The defrosting cycle may be stopped at a specified time or, using the appropriate probe placed on the evaporator, when the end cycle temperature has been reached. The value of the probe’s reading is viewed on a display by three digits and a minus sign; the decimal point reading can be set by parameter. All the versions are provided with a TTL connection in order to use Copy Card, the quick programming accessory. In addition, the 16 A compressor relay options and the buzzer are provided. These controllers are available in the 32x74 standard format and the power supply voltage is, on choice, 230 Va or 12 Va/c.

Technical Data :  Single stage controller for temperature - ID 971

Technical Data
Frontal protection IP 65
Container plastic resin PC+ABS UL94V–0
Dimensions 32x74 mm, depth 60 mm
Mouting panel mounting,
cut out 29x71 mm (+0.2/–0.1mm)
Usage temperature -5...55°C
Storage temperature -30...85°C
Usage environment humidity 10...90% RH
Storage environment humidity 10...90% RH
Serial TTL port for Copy Card
Display 3½ digits plus sign
Precision above 0.5% of bottom scale + 1 digit
Consumption 3 VA
Resolution 1°C or 0.1°C (selectable with a parameter).
Power supply 230Vac, 12Vac/cc ± 15%, 50/60Hz

Schema :  Single stage controller for temperature - ID 971

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